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Rubber Fetish Accessories Now Available!

I am thrilled to introduce my new range of rubber fetish accessories! The collection includes gorgeous bondage collars made out of soft rejected bicycle tires, adorned with studs ranging from 5mm-55mm long. They feature metal O-rings, perfect for attaching restraints or a leash. The collars fasten at the back with either a silver buckle or a stretchy inner tube cord. 100% leather-free, eco-friendly and totally tire-tastic! Check them out here.

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The ZABO Inner Tube Ra-Ra Skirt is here!

I’m happy to announce that the ZABO inner tube skirt is now available! This gorgeous ra-ra skirt is custom-made from scratch and decorated with row upon row of crazy curly inner tube pieces. This is an absolutely unique and high-quality piece, a real head-turner! 100% ethical, sustainable and very rock ’n’ roll! Buy it here. We make them in sizes XS, S and M, or for a custom fit please contact us with your exact measurements.

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