Fast Fashion VS Sustainable Options

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Do you buy fast fashion because it’s cheap? Quick? Easy? If you are one of these people, look no further - this is the article for you! Here are some examples we have found, that show you that fast fashion is not always the best or wallet-friendly option.

With the rise of the fast fashion industry, the emergence of the need for ‘slow fashion’ rose and many people are turning to buying more locally, second hand and choosing more eco-conscience handmade items that are more reliable. The fast fashion industry over the last 10 years, has grown at an astonishing rate, being worth over £60 billion within the UK alone. Many people choose to shop fast fashion, on sites such as: Shein, H&M, Zara and Primark, to name a few, as a way to consume fashion and trends at a quick and easy rate. However, there are better, more sustainable options available, if you just look a little bit longer!

We love shopping handmade and local, as you are supporting not only a business, but a family, a community and someone’s dream of creating what they enjoy and love. Furthermore, shopping circular on the app Vinted, giving new life to someone’s clothes they don’t want is the perfect way of shopping guilt-free that doesn’t break the bank.

Here are some fast fashion items we found, that if you looked a little longer you could’ve found more sustainable options we like below:

H&M - Fast Fashion
Mango - Fast Fashion

These belts are from H&M and Mango, all high street stores. Do you find them special? Unique? Pretty? We don't think so! These belts are not even sustainable, long-lasting or the best option for your wallet.

But look what we have found for a similar investment, but much cooler.

Laura Zabo creates unique accessories from scrap tyre rubber, which means that they are durable and totally earth-friendly too. And if you think that tyres can’t be beautiful, just check these images; actresses Gabby Bourne and Tal Anderson wearing belts made completely from bicycle tyres. 

With longevity of the product, they will last longer than other options available on the high street:

Laura Zabo - Bicycle Tyres - Upcycling - Sustainability


Laura Zabo - Upcycling bicycle tyres

Have you heard about the app Vinted ? If you still like high street brands why not to grab a bargain ? 

Shopping second hand is a perfect way to find items at a cheaper price,  whilst continuing to make eco-conscience decisions. You can buy anything second hand – that is even brand new! Below are some examples of designer belts that are being sold on the app Vinted, that are brand new with tags:

Calvin Klein - Vinted - Second Hand - Laura Zabo Blog


Micheal Kors - Second Hand - Vinted - Laura Zabo Blog

If you love brands, shop second hand! Find those hidden gems for what you've been looking for! The fast fashion industry is consuming us too much and we need to break the chain, before it's too late. Make eco-conscience choices, shop sustainable, shop handmade and shop second hand. 

To shop sustainable now at Laura Zabo : 


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