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Carefully handcrafted upcycled tyre rubber jewellery and men's belts

Made with love, not just for the planet but also for the consumer

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Every tyre and tube has its own story and no two products are identical

Individually collected, retooled and reborn, Laura Zabo’s fashion range is an embodiment of the recycling,

low waste movement.

Upcycled men's belts

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Upcycled tyre rubber jewellery

Dancing Queen Choker

Jenny Choker


published in malvie magazine

Abigail necklace

Abigail necklace

Manhattan Neckpiece

published in Flanelle magazine

Abigail Earrings

Audrey Body harness

Manhattan Neckpiece

Laura Zabo

My upcycling journey began six years  ago while I was exploring the beautiful country of Tanzania. I was inspired by seeing items made by the Maasai for sale in the markets in Tanzania.  I realized that I could create fashion that was beautiful but also would use materials that were destined just to be thrown away, take generations to break down and poison the Earth. 

Now we can not only save, but also celebrate, these tyres and tubes!

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