ECCENTRIC jewelry ... for eco warriors

Are you eco-conscious and looking at how your carbon footprint impacts global warming? 

I can support you on your sustainable journey, hand-picking eco-friendly accessories, not only good for the planet but perfect for any occasion. 

I create a wide range of vibrant, statement pieces from scrap tyre rubber infused with individuality and uniqueness for you. Support the planet, shop sustainable and look stylish while doing so! 

Make a statement; Wear Zabo.

invest in the world you want to live in

The abundance of trash is a tremendous problem for us and our planet, and we need to make more room for ideas that help us get rid of it or transform the excess, instead of producing more and more. I was inspired by seeing items made by the Maasai for sale in the markets in Tanzania.  I realized that I could create fashion that was beautiful but also that would use materials that were destined just to be thrown away, take generations to break down and poison the Earth. Now we can not only save, but also celebrate, these tyres and tubes!

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