Ready To Make A Change? Join The ZABO Upcycling Classes And Start A Sustainable Life!

Posted by Laura Zabo on

7 incredible years have passed and I am still in love with the art of upcycling inner tubes into jewellery and other accessories. 

Anyone who has known me for many years has been able to follow my progress from country to country and city to city, seeing my upcycling concept become more and more of a reality. My creations, my jewelry, even my online presence were quite simple at the start, yet I still managed to make a living through sales. Unstoppable, I worked diligently to collect scrap rubber, clean and create my items, promote them and go trading on weekends. Nearly every penny was reinvested, as I was determined to make a difference in the world with this new way of life - upcycling as a lifestyle, income and personal mission.

Today, I am ecstatic to share my newest pieces with the world and spread the great news that I am now willing to teach and share my techniques to more people so that we can achieve an even greater impact. Millions of inner tubes are discarded on a daily basis, and there is an increasing number of individuals looking for eco-friendly goods. And what better way to be environment-friendly than through upcycling and making use of wastes? Thus, if you’re interested in checking out my pieces, do so. Even if you’re not looking to buy, it’s a great opportunity to have a sneak peek at what can be created from inner tube wastes and become a part of my club.
At the rate of merely £6 per month, and the privilege to cancel anytime, it would be hard to find a more worthwhile deal. On top of that, new members will receive a free pair of earrings as a bonus. This would be the perfect opportunity to learn new techniques and skills, no matter what your age, without having to worry about the costs. Are you ready to take this journey?

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