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Zabo Instagram Club


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I have thought about starting my own club for a while now. And the moment has arrived because my upcycling mission is expanding, it’s very successful emotionally and mentally and I want to share my journey to inspire others to start upcycling and make a living out of it. 

Please read carefully and message me if you have any question! 

This private Zabo Club is only for people who want to know more about me, my upcycling journey, and I want to help you to build a new skill that will allow you to create jewellery for yourself, gifting and even selling. 

There is a small monthly fee £6/month for this membership club or you can pay a one-time purchase of £43 a year. I would like to build a community in tyre upcycling and this little amount helps me to move forward and bring this new industry into the mainstream. 

This is a taster group to share simple techniques of upcycling and the basic methods I use to create some of my bestsellers. However, this will be an overview of what I do, not in detail. Please note in this group, I will not be able to answer any messages or emails, and if you wish to know more please join the advanced course. If you are interested in learning in-depth what I do and my upcycling business, and being taught several new techniques, I will be introducing a more advanced course in August. This advanced course will be aimed at people interested in starting up their own business within upcycling and a desire to learn a whole new craft at in detailed level.

Alongside this, I will implement techniques and ideas to help grow your business and specific upcycling techniques to help aid sustainable companies.

What will you get? 

  • Basic tyre rubber upcycling techniques 
  • Selling techniques 
  • Etsy basics 
  • Website tips 
  • Where to sell? 
  • Fittings and tools 
  • How to create your own style 
  • and Zabo life behind the scenes 

How do I join?

The private club costs £6 a month with no contract so you are free to cancel at any time or £43 one-time purchase yearly. On your cart page you will be able to add additional information such as your IG name so I can accept you in my closed Instagram group and we can start this journey together!


  1. Choose subscription Yearly or Monthly 
  2. Type your Instagram profile in the "Special instructions for seller" field in your cart 
  3. Add me on Instagram
  4. I will accept your request and let's start this journey together. 


Can I cancel?

 - Yes, you can cancel up to before your renewal date. 

Can I get an exchange or refund?

 - No exchanges or refunds can be given, however you can cancel up to before your renewal date. 

When will I be charged? 

 - This depends on the frequency of your subscription. If you chose monthly, you will be charged monthly on the same day. If you chose yearly, it will be a one time purchase each year.