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London is the capital of England and was built along the River Thames. The tallest structure along the banks of the River Thames and one of the newest is the London Eye, constructed using parts from all over Europe. This 443 foot tall ferris wheel has 32 air-conditioned pods each representing one of the 32 boroughs of London.  25 guests at a time line up to board the capsules for a 30 minute ride with the iconic skyline of London. Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster, St. Paul's.Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and so many more of London's classic buildings are laid out in front of you. Since 1837 Buckingham Palace has been the official residence and principal workplace of the monarchy in London. Every year the palace plays host to several official and state events given by Her Majesty the Queen and other members of the royal family. This fully functional Palace is comprised of 775 rooms including 19 staterooms, 240 royal guests and staff bedrooms, more than 90 offices and 78 bathrooms. Adjacent to Buckingham Palace is the charming St. James Park, the oldest of the Capitals eight Royal Parks. Ducks, swans and even pelicans call st. James Park home. The famous Trafalgar Square has played a part in London's history for centuries.  It's played host to innumerable cultural events, performances, public demonstrations and celebrations. Just a stone's throw from Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster this square is central to all of London making it an easy walk to Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace or st. James Park.

Westminster Abbey was founded in the year 960 and is one of the most historically significant churches in all of the United Kingdom. Westminster Abbey has been involved in some of the most significant moments in history. The Abbey is the final resting place for seventeen monarchs, but it's not just royalty who are buried here. Over 3,300 people are interred in the Abbey including Geoffrey Chaucer, Charles Dickens, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin just to name a few. The Tower of London was established by William the Conqueror in the year 1066, but nearly a thousand years of history have culminated in the behemoth construction you see now. These holes known as murder holes, would be used to throw any manner of terrible things at invaders including arrows and hot oil. The infamous traitors gate, originally the Watergate was used to transport prisoners from the River Thames into the tower since the early 16th century. St. Paul's Cathedral is representative of the spirit of London having famously survived during the Blitz of World War two and having been witnessed to some of the most influential moments in British history, such as the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill. Just a few steps from Saint Paul's Cathedral is a much newer addition to the city the pedestrian only Millennium Bridge. The bridge connects the north and south banks of the Thames with St. Paul's Cathedral to the north and the Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe to the south. There are over 30 bridges that cross the River Thames but the Millennium Bridge is the only one specifically built for pedestrians. Shakespeare's Globe is an open-air amphitheater which means shows primarily run spring through fall but tours are offered year-round. London has some amazing museums and most are amazingly free but one that should definitely not be missed is the British Museum dedicated to human history and art. The museum first opened to the public and 1759 over the past two and a half centuries the museum has expanded to what we see now a massive collection of over 8 million objects from all around the world.

London is an incredible city that should be high on everyone's travel bucket list from art to culture to history and architecture. London has something for everyone.

Sustainable fashion and upcycled fashion is a growing movement of designers who are helping to clean up the planet by revolutionising the way we think about fashion. London is the centre of sustainable fashion in Europe with many emerging designers, vintage shops, upcycling workshops to inspire people to become more eco-conscious.   Check out the best sustainable and upcycled fashion stores and vegan restaurants in London. 



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