Please don't accept littering

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Since I restarted litter picking, I have managed to collect roughly ten large bin bags of waste discarded on local roads, parades and beaches. Despite my efforts, the litter always returns. Within minutes plastic bottles, cups, lids and straws mask the landscape. 

Litter picking is the only solution in combatting this awful habit, we must popularise it so that less litter inhabits our streets.

It saddens me to admit that, after living in many countries around the globe, England is the worst for littering. Ironically, this doesn’t correlate with the fact that England is one of the richest countries in the world. Why is it that a country with such a rich history and beautiful landscapes is subjected to the disease which is littering? Even during the past year where COVID has kept people inside, littering still hasn’t subsided. Trash still scatters playgrounds, roadsides and fields and the worst part is that people are used to it. Why are our eyes so accustomed to living in filth? 

I am shocked every time I see children playing amongst rubbish at the playgrounds and parks. I wonder whether their parents teach them to not litter, to clean the environment and ensure they are contributing to a cleaner planet. These questions muddle me and show just how much work we must do. 

It is not all bad. After reaching out on social media to ask for help cleaning a local corner that is constantly heaving with rubbish, I got lots of positive feedback. After only 24 hours 15 people had confirmed that they would help clean the street. 

Can you imagine if no one picked up their dog poo? This is a norm in society so why can’t litter picking, which is less nasty, become one too? Lets’ work to change our society and the societal norms that have been in place for so long.

Start litter picking and watch the world grow slowly greener!

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