Life and upcycling in Spain

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Having spent three months in Spain, I can now share with you some of my insights about working and travelling with upcycling!
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At the beginning of my journey, the process of collecting inner tubes proved difficult as it is very common for people here to repair them. On average, I would find only two or three tubes in any given bike shop per week, not enough for my needs. So, I set off walking around to every store in the hopes of finding more. Fortunately, I was able to convince some to begin saving up rubber, which has since made my job easier. It's certainly been an adventure!
Contrastingly, while London is often perceived to be a lavish city, in reality, it is overrun with trash, rampant poverty and expensive living costs. Meanwhile, northern Spain is wonderfully clean, both in the cities and rural areas, with people who clearly take pride in looking after their environment. Plus, the low costs of living make it an enjoyable place to be - the bars and restaurants are always bustling with happy people of all ages!
Travelling and discovering how different countries run and look has been an absolute joy and I am truly grateful that upcycling has allowed me to have these experiences.

To this day, I have likely accumulated approximately three hundred inner tubes - what an incredible achievement! - Only in Spain :) 

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