I love litter picking, and it's a must do

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Since childhood I have been anxious about littering and its effects on our environment. I can’t understand why some people discard rubbish at the side of the road instead of putting it in a bin.
Humans class themselves as the most intelligent species on earth but with 30 million tonnes of litter being collected from UK streets annually, I refuse to agree with this statement. Intelligence should be measured by the way we live and the actions we perform to protect our environment. With a global climate change disaster waiting around the corner how can we regard ourselves as intelligent?
I began litter picking ten years ago in Budapest and have since continued this habit living in Essex and Spain. Whilst I enjoy litter picking, it is not something I should have to do. The more hours spent picking up other peoples’ litter, the more anxious I become for the welfare of our planet. Ask yourselves these questions next time you think of throwing that one crisp packet out of
the car window:
Who taught me that littering was okay?
What will I teach my children?
Do I care about the future of the planet?

litter picking, waste on streets and beaches

I am happy knowing I have done my part yet I cannot possibly take on the responsibility for the rest of the world. Earth protects us with its lush greenery and vibrant wildlife so why can’t we protect her? All it takes is a bit of effort on your part. Pick up your litter and know your contributing to a cleaner planet.

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