Renaissance Earrings
Renaissance Earrings
Renaissance Earrings

Renaissance Earrings


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Are you in search of stylish, yet eco-friendly jewellery? Look no further than Laura Zabo's collection of upcycled statement accessories! As the saying goes, why wear ordinary when you can be extraordinary with accessories made from recycled tyre rubber and bike inner tubes? To address any doubts regarding quality or smell, simply take a look at the reviews! Comfortable to wear, the earrings are light and free of any unpleasant odour.
Renaissance inspired, the selection of earrings come in different lengths and shapes, making them an ideal accessory to liven up any wardrobe. What's more, get a second pair for discounted price and spread the love by encouraging others to go for upcycled over fast fashion.

Length : 7cm, 2.75"
Width: 6cm, 2.4"
Materials: stainless steel hoop earrings, upcycled bike inner tubes rubber

They come in eco-friendly packaging.

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