Elephant Design Decorative Pillow
elephant design pillow decor cushion
recycled pillow, decorative pillow, inner tube filling by Laura Zabo
Elephant Design Decorative Pillow

Elephant Design Decorative Pillow


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This beautiful pillow is a must have for cyclists and eco-warriors. 

I've created these stunning pillows to recycle all my inner tube off-cuts. When I create rubber jewellery I always have tiny pieces that I can't use anymore and I feel bad throwing them in the bin. So I've come up with an idea: everyone loves decorative pillows but mostly every cushion comes with foam, polyester or bird pen fillings. Such a terrible and cruel solutions to fulfil our desire to make a home more beautiful.

So I offer a great option, I've started to create exotic cushions by using designer handmade covers from Africa. The inner tube pieces are placed in an inner pillow cover, so you can easily take out the whole filling.  

The pillow is quite heavy, and you might feel slightly the rubber filling. But this cushion is still absolutely comfortable, and you can even use it when you need a sweet nap on a couch. This is the best choice to make your home more beautiful and sustainable at the same time. 

Size : 19"x19"

Filling : 100% recycled bicycle inner tube

Zip closure

Fabric : 100% Cotton (strong fabric)

(Luke warm wash 40°, Hot Iron, Do not bleach, Do not tumble dry)

Cover is handmade in South Africa