Abigail Lotus Shaped Recycled Inner Tube Necklace

Abigail Lotus Shaped Recycled Inner Tube Necklace

Size Metal base (18")

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Wanting to unleash your inner diva?

This sustainable item is both playful and fierce, using the lotus design, symbolic of purity and rebirth, to make you feel powerful and regenerated. Enjoy wearing this piece with a glamourous evening jacket or even a plain t-shirt for an eye-catching look.

Laura Zabo pieces are made with love, not just for the planet but also for the consumer. 

It's a bold necklace, please see images from the front and sides. The pieces emerge from the necklace, maximum height is 9cm, 3.5". 

Please read!

The necklace is fitted on black metal wire with screw clasp. The length of the metal wire is 18" 

If your clothing size is +10 UK please measure your neck before ordering. If you request a larger size, I can use adjustable rubber base with bead closure. 

100% eco and vegan-friendly.

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