Where Are Recycling Sites In The USA & UK

The importance of tire recycling cannot be understated. We have put together some websites that we want to share with you that indicate where all the recycling sites are in the UK and in the USA, where to recycle a specific item and what to put in your recycling at home so you know that you are always close by to a recycling centre! In doing this, we want to educate people about how important sustainability and eco-consciousness is.
Recycle Now (UK)
Recycle Now is a great and easy website where you enter your postcode to find out what you can recycle locally. It tells you where to recycle a specific item, what to put in your recyling at home, and helps you find nearest recycling locations. 
WM Waste Management (USA)
WM Waste Management locates recycling sites when you enter your zipcode into the search bar and state whether you want to "drop off trash" or "drop off recycling." When recycling sites are established, it gives information regarding opening times, accepted materials and a link to the website.  Very helpful!
Recycling Collections - Gov (UK)
Recycling Collections on the Gov website is very simple. All you do is enter the postcode where you are located and it matches you to the closest borough council. From here you can find out so much information. For example, household waste recycling centres, where to recycle electrical waste, information on what happens to blue/brown bin waste, and where you can recycle plastic, glass, textiles, cans books etc.
Earth911 (USA)
Earth911 helps consumers "find their own green." It enables you to be really specific about what you are wanting to recycle. For example in the search bar you can say what you want to recycle, for example, mobile phone or computer. After that you simply type in your zipcode and reyccling sites will be found. With over 350 materials and 100,000+ listings, it maintains one of North America's most extensive recycling databases. There is also another option which is very useful, if you are unable to reach data or internet you can simply dial 1-800-CLEANUP to receive the same information. 
Recycle For London (UK)
Recycle for London is very similar to Recycle Now but it is primarily focused on London. You are able to find out all sort of information on what to do with different things for example, plastic bottles, food waste or paper. When you enter your postcode to find recycling locations nearest to where you are it tells you what materials are accepted and how many miles away you are on a map!
We really hope we have provided you with some useful information to help you on your sustainable and eco-conscious journey! Just remember that 1 recycled drink saves enough energy to charge 65 phones!
The ZABO Team, x