Are you fed up of the cold, grey winter days? Patiently waiting for warmth of the summer sun? Why not explore the North of Spain with me? Enjoy a snapshot of my lifestyle by spending a couple of days with me. You will have the opportunity try some of upcycling of your own as well as vegan cooking. The trip will be fun packed with activities such as cycling, surfing, hiking, and visiting different great Spanish bars.


If you’ve been following my journey, you’ll know that I left England last year to travel around Europe. I decided to stay in Cantabria for 4-5 months as this area is perfect for living, exploring, and creating. This beautiful area has everything, oceans, mountains, romantic little villages, forests, clean air, and tasty foods. With the perfect Spanish weather, what more could you want!

Come and visit me to have a personalised experience of my traveling, vegan, upcycling lifestyle. If I can find out some information about you beforehand, I can create the perfect trip for you. You will have the opportunity upcycle as well, we will collect tires together and you can make your own belt and jewelry. After we can cook vegan food together and drink Spanish wine. I can accommodate for up to three people or I will find some great accommodation nearby.  I also accommodate for single people, feel free to visit me alone! A single woman can stay in my spare room, I will provide accommodation nearby for men. Your accommodation and breakfast will be included in the price. 

Send me a message right away if you are interested and we can have a chat. This is a fantastic chance to meet new people, see new places and share my love for upcycling! If like me, you are an artisan, I can help you develop your selling strategies, social media, and website. I am a self-taught entrepreneur and would love share my experiences with you.