The Ethical Clothing Brands Looking To Change The Fashion World

Ethical and sustainable fashion is slowly becoming more readily available for conscious shoppers. From high end to the high street, more and more brands are creating and developing sustainable fashion choices for all aspects of our lives and brands are working to have an impact on real people and communities. There some great ethical clothing brands looking to change the fashion world and limit the damage that fast fashion is having on the environment. 

Our Ethical Practices

Here at Laura Zabo, we are on a mission to transform the world and the fashion industry from a consumer into a creator. Laura is seeking to empower people to make sure that the next world is better, all whilst looking good on the way. Zabo is for metropolitan fashion warriors who want to stand out, whilst caring for the environment. 


Zabo saves thousands of inner tubes and tires from entering landfill by upcycling them and transforming them into a wide range of accessories, from belts to sandals and even dog collars and leads. Scrap tyres are a huge problem across the globe, with around 3 billion tyres on average being dumped globally. Finding imaginative and creative solutions for the increasing amount of waste on our planet is a huge focus of ours, all whilst transforming scrap tyres into sustainable and useful treasure. 



Since their first product in 2003, Finisterre is a brand which has worked to create clothing that is both stylish and long-lasting, which is vital in the world of sustainable fashion. Their recycled insulation jackets and waterproofs are pioneering creations and are made from their own crafted blend of Merino wool.


They’ve spent years crafting the blend and it comes with many benefits. Not only is it anti-bacterial, but also moisture-wicking, soft and warm. The blend is made from 100% Merino wool and is fully biodegradable, natural and renewable and is even shown to be biodegradable in marine environments. Each pack of wool can be traced back to the farm it was sourced from in New Zealand and each farm must agree and comply with the five animal freedoms. 


Horizon Athletic

Horizon Athletic is the work of professional athlete Marlena Gabriel who spent years searching for the perfect sports garments. The inspiration for the brand came from Australia itself. As a country surrounded by ocean, the environment is at the forefront of the minds of those who love the outdoors. Horizon Athletic aims to raise awareness of the huge amounts of plastic waste that currently pollutes the oceans, with environmentalists predicting that sea life may even end within the next 6-16 years. 


The fabric used by Horizon to make their active and swim wear is made from Econyl, which is a fibre made from abandoned fishing nets and other consumer waste products. The fabric is 5 times stronger than typical fabrics, particularly when exposed to suncream, UV rays, chlorine and salt water. 



Created and founded by former travel writer and journalist Victoria Bakir, MadeByWave infuses modern aesthetics loved by the typical traveller with traditional Indonesian craft to create beautiful beach accessories. Beading, basket and sarong weaving is a huge part of traditional crafts in Indonesia and, despite the fact that so many industries are moving to a more industrialised way of production, the process has managed to survive for all of these years.


MadeByWave prides itself on working closely with the teams that make their products and offers small family-run training and safety workshops. They also ensure that the craftsmen and their families live and work in good conditions and are paid and treated fairly and equally. 

written by Natalie Wilson  @natwilson976