The Best Christmas Gift Ideas In 2018 For Cyclists

Christmas is on its way and we are making shopping just that little bit easier for you. We have put together a selection of different brands that make upcycled and sustainable products from bicycles that are perfect for your avid cyclist friend, lover or family member. 
Here are 4 brands to help the weekend warrior nearest and dearest to your heart hit the road in style.


Laura ZABO is a fashion brand that focuses on making belts, jewellery, dog accessories, guitar straps, clothing.. you name it! All of ZABOS collection is made from upcycled and recycled bicycle inner tubes and bicycle and car tires. ZABO saves thousands of tires and inner tubes from landfill sites and is of course a PETA- Approved Vegan brand.
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Laura Zabo Upcycled bicycle Tire fashion accessories
Laura Zabo Upcycled bicycle Tire fashion accessories
Laura Zabo Upcycled bicycle Tire fashion accessories  
      Laura Zabo Upcycled bicycle Tire fashion accessories


Cyclegeezer offers a range fun, functional and unique gifts for cyclists. The majority of the products are ‘upcycled’ from actual bike parts. Award-winning designs incorporate discarded cycle parts into eco-friendly gifts for the bike-lover and the non enthusiast alike. The gifts are sourced as to provide something for all occasions and all budgets.
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Respoke Designs Malvern use recycled bicycle spokes, marbles and beads to create bespoke, handcrafted,  stainless steel jewellery and accessories made from bicycle spokes.  Some of the products relate directly to jewellery for cyclists and others keep the point of origin – the bicycle spoke – and is stainless steel jewellery that appeals to everyone.
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Flower Pedal is a premier bicycle gift company. Their goal is to bring you fun and functional cycling gifts, at the best price, with nothing less than the most exceptional customer service. Every product is perfect for cyclist avids and is handmade with love and quality.

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