Upcycling, recycling…what is the difference? Upcycling is the process of repurposing an existing material for a new use, bringing it new value and purpose. Recycling is breaking down one material and changing it’s make-up to create another. 

Recycling is an expensive and difficult process which uses up a lot of energy, whereas upcycling is a sustainable way of creating something new out of something considered “trash” - and anyone can do it! 

We believe that although recycling certainly has it's value, upcycling is the way forward and we encourage everyone to upcycle as much as they can to help create a greener planet. Together we can help save the planet tyre by tyre!

At the Zabo fashion house, we believe in using creativity and imagination to make sustainable, vegan products which have a positive impact on the world. Our innovative and eclectic range includes belts, bags, jewellery, hairbands, dog leads, guitar straps and home decor - and the collection is constantly growing. 

Every Zabo product is cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

Schwalbe recycled upcycled bicycle tires
Laura Zabo upcycling recycling
Laura zabo tire recycling upcycling
Bicycle tire belt upcycling recycling
Car tire shoe soles Flip flop
Vegan cruelty-free dog accessories lead collar
Vegan cruelty-free guitar strap
upcycled recycled bicycle tire belt