Plastic free shaving – a simple change with a big impact

We’re on a mission to make the world better by making the world of fashion better. Through upcycling products, finding new uses for things and being ethical in our choices we can all make a difference. And here at Zabo that comes without a compromise – we want to look good, feel good and be good all at the same time. 

Feeling good

Your skin is often our canvas. We design upcycled jewelry products that look great on your skin, turn heads, make a statement about you and help the environment. Recently we shared some wonderful ethical clothing companies who, like Zabo, care about being ethical as much as looking great. But what about ethical skincare? Our skin deserves to look and feel great, yet each day we use skin care products, soaps, shampoos and shaving products… which companies are thinking differently and wanting to make sustainable, ethical products?

Plastic free shaving – a simple step

From time to time we come across companies who share our same vision. They want to make people look great and do good at the same time. Kairn skincare is one such company.  

It started with a simple question: We don’t throw our toothbrush away each week. So why do we throw away our razors each week? From this humble start, they have built a range of plastic free shaving and skincare products which includes skin washes, skin oils, shaving oils and skin lotions. Their entire range is plastic free and naturally neutral – low on fragrance and high on skin boosting natural ingredients. 

Can plastic free shaving be ethical?

According to Kairn, the top 10 shaving brands in the US sell about 280 million blades a year. At the same rates, that means a further 57m in the UK, 53m in France, 40m in Spain… That’s millions of single or short-use plastic razor blades that end up in landfill. And on top is an industry of beauty and skincare products which come in largely plastic packaging. 

Kairn’s thought on this is simple: To change the world, start with simple things. Like using a metal razor – it lasts longer and is better on the environment. Use plastic free shaving products like skin oils and washes that can be easily and locally reused or recycled. In this way, you can have luxury skin without compromise. Look great. Feel great. Be great. 

It’s the little things that we can do that add up to make big a big impact. Like wearing upcycled jewelry, reusing items we have around the house, and making small changes to our lifestyle and buying habits. By choosing companies that think differently about the entire lifecycle of their products, we can be part of the change that we all want. 

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