Exclusive Interview with Laura Choi

We caught up with Laura Choi, founder of Par en Par, a modern resort wear clothing line using only sustainable fabrics, to discuss the importance of sustainable fashion, her inspiration and why she is so committed towards eco-friendly fashion. 

How do you see the future of sustainable fashion in a few years from now?

In a few years from now, I hope the adaptation of sustainable fashion has grown to a critical mass. I'd love for the number of sustainable options for consumers to grow so things like organic fabric is the new norm.
What are the biggest changes you can see at the moment towards eco fashion? 
The biggest change I see towards sustainable fashion is the growth of small new brands (thanks to e-commerce and social media!) who are producing responsibly. To me, producing responsibly means producing in small batches (i.e., not over-producing and creating waste), using organic or biodegradable fibers, and manufacturing locally whenever possible. 
What was the motivator behind becoming eco-conscious about fashion?
Creating a resort wear brand, I very much considered the fact that I want to be wearing my clothing in nature during my travels. And I wanted to create something with the least dissonance between the clothing and the natural context of where I imagine the clothing being worn.
Who is your biggest inspiration towards sustainable fashion?
Eileen Fisher! I listened to her podcast on How I Built This and never felt so understood as a designer and businesswoman. I admire how she's been able to scale a business whilst also creating an amazing work culture for her team. 

If you could summarize in one sentence your ethos, what would it be?

Create with intention.
Make sure to check out her clothing line at https://parenpar.com/collections/all