Exclusive interview with Daniel Lanzilotta An Environmental Artist

We caught up with Daniel Lanzilotta, an environmental artist who creates art work out of plastic garbage to discuss his inspiration, the concepts of his art work, his  next exhibitions, the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyle choices! 

Please tell us about the first steps towards your company, how and when did you start? And what is your vision regarding the future for your company?

As an environmental artist I started making pieces on the Southwestern beaches of Biarritz France. My son was three years old and as he played along the shoreline I collected pieces of plastic debris. I started out making mask with unusual plastic scraps. Over the years I perfected my techniques and found myself deep in environmental issues around plastic ocean debris through art. The future of my art career is very bright and expanding. Plastic ocean debris art has taken off all over the world. People are using plastic debris to create art, fashion and accessories. I have created my own line of earrings and accessories using post consumer debris. My company name is Eugene and Renee Poubellearrings.


How do you see the future of sustainable fashion in a few years from now?

I see fashion, sustainable, fashion being completely reinvented. From raising a more plant base source of raw materials that are specifically bred for creating luxury good fabrics to everyday clothes. Many other innovations will take place in the laboratory using biomimicry. Sustainable clothes will be designed with a more circular economy in mind. Every part of the system will support a mechanism that feeds back into itself. There will be little to no waste. It will marry into a more cooperative/share model than a linear economy where resources are collected, used and thrown away.


What was the motivator behind becoming eco-conscious for you?

What motivated me to become eco-conscious was my upbringing and a sharp observation of waste. I didn't grow up in consuming environment. I was taught to cook, build, repair and make things. Repairing things leads to problem solving and figuring out how to make it work with whatever is on hand. It leads to innovation.


Who is your biggest inspiration towards sustainability?

Nature is. Nature and the cycle of life. There are complete system approaches to how nature operates . My grandparents and how they lived their lives. One used what one only needed. There was never waste. Leftovers were part of life. Plastic storage didn't exist for the most part. It slowly crept in and took over how food is stored. 


What is your favorite plastic waste you use?

My favorite plastic waste to use are many. From plastic caps to disposable lighters to disposable razor blades to plastic toy games parts to infant toy parts. The assortment is endless free art supplies that never stop feeding into the system as street litter, ocean beach debris or curb trash ready for municipality pickup.


How do you see the future if we don't make a conscious movement?

We are one planet. We are connected by oceans. Plastic debris and their propensity to attract other toxicants as they break down into micro plastics are crossing all over the earth. The future is now. A collective radical shift needs to take place in literally one swift moment that stops plastics from entering the environment at once. That is from manufacturing to distribution to consumption to dumping waste in landfills, incinerators to oceans. We need to stop producing and using all single stream plastic forever. It's a monumental undertaking. Trying to clean up what already exists is a futile  undertaking as many plastics are already pulverized into unseen plastic dust. Science is hard at work developing other alternative "plantics" to replace fossil fuel plastics. 


What is the inspiration behind your products because they are so unique?

The inspiration for my art and accessories is the plastic debris itself. I ask myself a basic question when I begin a new piece, how can this object be more than what it appears to be in its present state. I start there and begin a journey to challenge myself by creating problems in real time to find a solution in real time. I let the work unfold organically.


What is your favorite product you make?

My favorite product is to make post consumer earrings and accessories. Keep in mind that I create sculptures and art pieces as well and that I stated out making this type of art. I derive great joy from making all of it. Each piece brings tremendous joy. Each piece has a story because there are so many components that are found plastic debris with its own history of place and time.


When do you have your next exhibition or event in 2018/19?

My opening at the Bridgeport Discovery Museum was September 14,2018. It's my first solo museum show. I will be in solo show with one piece called Black Planet a dedication to Black Men and their sons. At the Blends Gallery in Bridgeport Connecticut. Date to be determined. October is full of openings with Artspace.



Make sure to check his art work out at https://daniellanzilotta.com/art.php


Ella & The ZABO team x