Create Your Own Upcycled Bicycle Inner Tube Jewelry in your Home!

upcycled jewellery making workshop by Laura Zabo


Waste tires and inner tubes are becoming a huge problem across the globe. Every year more than 3 billion tires are thrown into land fill sites which is having hugely destructive affects on our  environment. We need to change and find alternative methods to deal with waste. That change starts with you!

Surprise yourself and others with your eco-friendly creativity. During this workshop you will learn how to craft sustainable jewelry out of rejected inner tubes. You will create your own necklace or bracelet and earrings. I will provide all the essential tools you will need. I will share my crafting experiences which will enable you to unlock your inner creativity and create something unique and sustainable.


No previous experienced needed.

Prices from £50/person 

Event duration : 2-3 hours

ZABO workshops cater for as little as 1 person and take 15 maximum.

I will arrive with all the materials, scissors, hooks, inner tubes, hole punches, etc and put on a super session and clear away at the end.

Prices start from £50/person but please contact me with the exact number of guests so I can calculate the final price. 

Please email me