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From shabby to chic

I have been creating tire accessories for years now and I have noticed this is a growing design style. So, I am considering organising the first “Tire into Fashion” catwalk and trade show. The event will introduce tire up-cycling brands from all over the world; showcasing the designs, solutions and speakers. It’s time to show what we can do with this tough material. There is a growing tire waste problem, there are 3 billion scrap tires generated every year. We need to share this problem to create an awareness and find a solution. It is the time to highlight solutions and start to change for the future! We have caused these problems and must find the solution. Would you be...

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Introducing ZABO Car Tire Sandals!

I'm so happy to present my new range of ZABO car tire sandals, with interchangeable straps. These sandals are made out of rejected car tires with gorgeous fabric straps which fit through pre-made holes and can be easily interchanged. In this way you can mix and match any color strap and tie them however you like to create many versatile looks! Totally tire-tastic! 100% sustainable, eco-friendly and vegan, with a design registered in the EU!      

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Rubber Fetish Accessories Now Available!

I am thrilled to introduce my new range of rubber fetish accessories! The collection includes gorgeous bondage collars made out of soft rejected bicycle tires, adorned with studs ranging from 5mm-55mm long. They feature metal O-rings, perfect for attaching restraints or a leash. The collars fasten at the back with either a silver buckle or a stretchy inner tube cord. 100% leather-free, eco-friendly and totally tire-tastic! Check them out here.

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