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Hey everyone!! I am so excited to announce that I have been working on my first ever commercial video for Laura Zabo. I was lucky enough to discover a beautiful woodland nature reserve in Enfield which was the perfect location for the video. There were so many beautiful trees and lakes.

I showcased some of my products, including the Laser Bicycle Tyre Belt, Spikey Inner Tube Earrings and the new DIY Vegan Car Tyre Sandals with interchangeable straps from my sustainable vegan line which looked perfect on the models, Miles De Chambis and Joanna Finata.

The main focus of this commercial video was to get the point across that up-cycled fashion can be sexy, classy and look good on any type of person and style. We want everyone to understand how beneficial crafting and up-cycling is and how one small change to your lifestyle can benefit our planet!

Thank you to the amazing filmmakers Charlie Redif and Alice Cunningham who shot some fantastic footage. Keep your eyes peeled for the official video coming soon!

x, Laura