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Life in Spain

I have been so busy recently designing and creating these beautiful pieces that blogging has not been at the top of my to do list.  I want to keep sharing my progress, so many parts of my work and personal life are changing and developing, and I think I would be interesting to see. I share photos and products on social media, but blogging gives a completely different insight into my life. My Instagram profile is @Laura_zabo 

statement Upcycled  jewelry by Laura Zabo

Writing is not my strong point, so I am working with some fashion intern students to support my up-cycling journey. They will be blogging, content writing and even photographing the newest products.

Since my last blog post I have moved to Spain. This lifestyle completely contrasts my life in London. People here live life a lot slower, enjoying each moment. It’s quiet and peaceful living like this, surrounded by the sea and countryside.

Cantabria Spain by Laura Zabo

Living this way has changed the way I create, if you remember when I lived in London, I used a lot of black, creating very simple pieces.  The speed of the lifestyle made me feel as though I had to rush each piece I made. Living here I feel the ‘Siesta’, designing at my own pace. I’ve been able to lean new skill here, I was able to finally find the best way to paint the inner tube!

bike/bicycle tire belt by Laura Zabostatement upscaled inner tube jewelry by Laura Zabo


Now I have a completely new way of up-cycling: new brighter colours and styles I would have never considered before. Completely unique leg harnesses, fringe skirts and inner tube jewelry. Every piece is like a piece of art, individual and remarkable. These new pieces are the most successful in my 3 years of up-cycling. 

This new style is very difficult to produce so I’ve found a very unique painting style. The rubber inner tube is so smooth that almost all the paint comes right off. I had to try so many different techniques before I found the perfect one. On top of this, I had to find the right treatment to protect it, all the time making sure all the elements were safe to use against the skin. Despite how hard I worked, it was worth it to create these magnificent pieces.

So today I am happy to share my latest beautiful creations; up-cycled, hand painted tire accessories for the urban warrior.

Shine like a star!

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Written with Rebecca Coleman

garter leg harness by Laura ZaboStatement jewelry by Laura Zabofringe belt by Laura zaboCar tire sandals by Laura Zabo