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Laura Zabo ethical sustainable vegan fashion

After few month of rethinking, resetting my life now I am back to upcycle tyres and create fashion accessories. 

It's such a nice feeling to receive so many messages, comments on my social media platforms from people who love my journey and crafts. I've started a quite unique job which sometimes is really hard but somehow I love with its craziness. 

People usually believe that if you run a business and share great images, it means that everything is amazing, easy and rich :) But most of the time it's not the case. I work very often 12-15 hours per day, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep anymore because my mind is full of ideas and questions. But it's called passion, and I deeply love this progress. I always want to do more and I hardly leave my desk. 

Few years ago I read an article about ADHD when I realised that I have the same symptoms. I am absolutely hyperactive, I always need to do something, I never stop and watch tv. Although I had a quite complicated teenager and child life, today I absolutely believe that ADHD helped me to manage, and realise my dreams. 

Upcycling tyres and create a living from this job is a great way to grow my personality, test my ideas, and have a very interesting life. 

Please visit my page, follow my social media channels and keep an eye on my pieces. Let me know if you have any special request, I am here for you ! 

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Namaste, Bless you


vegan ethical sustainable fashion by Laura Zabo